Morrisons boosts fleet efficiency and versatility with significant ambient moving double deck order

Morrisons, a top-five supermarket in the UK, is nearing the final stages of introducing its 150-strong order of eye-catching Tiger trailers to its fleet in a move that represents a fresh operational choice and opens up potential efficiency gains as high as 70% through clever design and innovation in manufacturing.

A primary requirement in the customer’s brief was the design of a solution more akin to a ‘tallboy’ curtainsider than a conventional double deck trailer in height, to better serve the more confined environments of some of Morrisons’ stores in urban and rural areas.

Having traditionally relied on refrigerated box van trailers for the bulk of deliveries to its circa 500 nationwide stores, Morrisons’ team worked alongside Tiger Trailers’ design engineers and identified that efficiency could be increased by switching to ambient moving double deck trailers in certain circumstances – with versatility also strengthened.

With 54,000 collections made from its manufacturing sites each year, during which its vehicle fleet travels 115 million kilometres, and with 96% of the supermarket’s deliveries arriving on time aided by a logistics team of around 7,300 people based across one national and seven regional distribution centres, it’s vital that Morrisons utilises trailers designed and tailored for their essential and sometimes challenging roles – particularly during seasonal demand peaks such as Christmas and especially this year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tiger’s ambient tri-axle stepframe curtainsided moving double deck trailers for Morrisons are a prime example of the leading manufacturer’s innovative design and engineering ethos and enable the supermarket to transport 44 pallets in each trailer compared to the previous figure of 26, resulting in a 50% real-world gain for store deliveries and putting into action the retailer’s ‘more products, fewer miles’ message. The boost in operational versatility is delivered through the trailers’ ability to also flexibly accommodate cages.

“We’re very pleased with our new ambient double deck trailers from Tiger, which are the result of our teams working closely together to achieve a new solution for our fleet. The trailers’ extra capacity and versatility signify an innovative step forwards and we’re delighted that they carry our new branding elements and messaging, 2020 having galvanised the customer relationship in an unprecedented way. Thanks again to Tiger Trailers’ team”, comments Keith Boulton, Morrisons’ Head of Transport.

Morrisons’ trailers from Tiger include an internal gate rated to 10 tonnes, an aerodynamic roof design that slopes at the front, EN 12642-XL rated components, Tiger’s innovative ‘Captive Rave’ load securing and restraint system that boosts both efficiency and operator safety and plays a part in facilitating the dual cage and pallet capability, plus the manufacturer’s proven in-house 4-ram lifting system for moving double deck trailers. They are finished with the supermarket’s new ‘heart’ branding that includes varying messages expounding fresh produce, British farmers and other aspects that resonate with the store and its customers alike.

Tiger Trailers’ Sales Director, Darren Holland, comments: “Our team always embrace a challenge and it’s been a privilege to work alongside Morrisons’ people in designing and manufacturing a trailer that fulfils their very specific brief and ultimately helps keep supermarket shelves stocked and people fed. We’re proud of the effective and striking trailers we’ve introduced to Morrisons’ fleet and look forward to supporting them over the coming years.”

Tiger Trailers Rathbones bakery bread loaf livery moving double deck

The supermarket group has also welcomed 25 lightweight moving double deck trailers for its Rathbones bakery business, sporting a highly distinctive ‘naked’ loaf of bread livery and enabling a 1,322 basket capacity in a considerable 22.4% increase over Morrisons’ former bread trailers that transported 1,080 baskets.

“Thanks to the Tiger Trailers team for their co-operation on this project. These multi-deck trailers have also provided us with an opportunity to roll out our latest Morrisons branding that is being introduced across our logistics, fuel and home delivery fleet”, comments Justine Manley, Morrisons’ Brand and Formats Design Director.


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