Moving Deck Double Deck

- Bespoke designs to exact customer requirements
- Straight frame, step frame, wedge, urban and LST chassis options
- Box van, curtainsider and temperature controlled designs
- EN12642-XL compliant
- Full range of moving and manually adjustable deck options


Tiger Trailers' range of moving deck double deck trailers includes the manufacturer's own direct drive hydraulic four-ram system, offered alongside the more traditional cable and pulley approach. The trailers equip customers with improved capacity, reliability and efficiency, as demonstrated by our case studies.

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Moving double deck trailer features
Bespoke, custom trailer personalisation options - Unisurge

Product Personalisation

Tiger Trailers' customers can fully customise their products with a wide range of bespoke options and upgrades, ensuring that each one meets each operator's unique requirements.

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Moving Double Deck Trailer Gallery

Just some of Tiger's moving double deck trailer customers

Case study: Hovis

Lightweight, innovative moving double deck trailers put efficiency on Hovis' table

With over one million UK and Ireland-destined loaves departing from Hovis’ eight bakeries and three UK distribution centres each day, vehicular and logistical efficiencies are key to the iconic firm’s operations. Tiger Trailers’ moving double deck solution has been designed to maximise trailer capacity and reduce operating costs, equipping Hovis with invaluable fleet assets good for today and beyond. Read more >

In-product CTA case study moving double deck Hovis new livery