Design & Innovation

A fresh approach

Design & Innovation

A fresh approach in trailer and rigid design, engineering and manufacturing

Tiger Trailers is a design-led business, comprising a team that genuinely thrives on engineering challenges. The company ethos is to combine extensive design and engineering knowledge with the latest manufacturing techniques, all set within the most modern trailer and truck body factory in the UK.

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  • A consultative approach

    Tiger Trailers’ innovative design and engineering department always places customers’ requests at the forefront of new product development, working closely alongside sales to ensure that client requirements are consistently met, with the company’s internal order review process safeguarding these elements at each stage.

  • Closely managed processes

    Once an order is placed, Tiger assigns a project engineer whose job it is to follow the entire build process from design and manufacturing through to final sign off, keeping in close contact with the sales team throughout.

  • Computer modelling

    From the outset, the powerful 3D SolidworksTM programme is used, meaning every aspect of the design can be accurately produced before manufacture. This initial attention to even the most minute detail enables a smooth build process.

Bespoke personalisation

Clients are invited to view the technical drawings at Tiger’s Winsford site prior to manufacture – ensuring that all aspects of the build meet their individual requirements before manufacturing begins. Whilst many designs are generally variations on what could be considered a standard Tiger product, a ‘blank sheet of paper’ approach is adopted to deliver a completely unique design if required, including the addition of any number of options from Tiger’s ‘personalisation’ range.

Tiger innovations

Pioneering development in trailer & rigid design

Tiger Trailers' Lightweight Clearspan Curtainsider

Following a six-month development programme in conjunction with Tata Steel, Tiger's Lightweight Clearspan Curtainsider is 500kg lighter than a conventional clearspan curtainsider, allowing some of Tiger Trailers’ customers including British Gypsum/XPO Logistics to carry a greater payload of up to 29.5 tonnes and therefore operate more sustainably.

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With the initial design concept originating from Tiger Trailers, a partnership was formed with Tata Steel early in the development of the trailer. Tata Steel’s Advanced Engineering team, based at the University of Warwick, have worked with Tiger Trailers using finite element analysis (FEA) to assess design revisions across three design evolutions from the initial concept.

This closely collaborative development process has yielded a highly resolved finished product. Using steel components that are twice the strength of the structural steel typically used in trailer chassis construction without any additional weight (Tata Steel Ympress® S700MC and Metallic Coated S450 GD), has allowed Tiger Trailers the ability to develop one of the lightest tri-axle clearspan curtainsider currently available in the UK.

Operational Safety

  • The translucent design of Tiger Trailers’ clearspan pillarless roof provides increased weight capability in addition to enhanced light levels and visibility, which both boost safety.

  • The curtain tensioner is uniquely recessed and positioned closer to the outside of the trailer, enhancing safety in busy environments, especially in poor light conditions, while the load securing straps are also lockable for greater load stability and security.

Tiger Trailers' Captive Rave Load-Securing Restraint Solution

Tiger Trailers’ engineers created an innovative load securing system called ‘captive rave’ (patent applied for). Replacing a traditional ‘hook’ strap approach, this roof-mounted system features ratchets stored individually inside the rear doors, with the straps ‘captive’ throughout the process, greatly reducing potential injury.

With ratchet devices reduced by 50% to just 13, British Gypsum has benefitted from commensurate operational efficiency gains through the incorporation of Tiger Trailers' Captive Rave solution in its curtainsider fleet of several hundred units.

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Captive Rave has since continued to be incorporated into the designs of a large proportion of our customers' curtainsided products.