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  • Single trailers to fleets of hundreds
  • Completely bespoke and independent solutions
  • From 3 to 10 years and anything in-between
  • Tailored docs (master agreements + return T&Cs)
  • Competitive pricing, flexibility and aftercare


Tiger Finance presents customers with one of the most cohesive options on the market and the team behind Tiger Trailers’ in-house finance division possess over 65 years’ combined experience in funding for the transport and logistics sector and have facilitated the acquisition of more than 30,000 trailers and 10,000 trucks.

Full operating lease financing is becoming the preferred choice for many customers, and Tiger Finance can secure funding for up to ten years. In addition to competitive pricing, another advantage of leasing from the manufacturer is that bespoke documentation such as master operating lease agreements and return conditions can be facilitated, along with greater flexibility in scheduling.

Finance - Tiger Trailers Leasing - curtainsider lineup
The trailer is owned by Tiger Finance for the duration of the lease, with rental charges covering the whole trailer cost over an agreed term. VAT is paid on each monthly rental and at the end of the lease you can either extend the agreement, pay a nominal annual rental, or sell the asset and receive a rebate from the sale.
Offering fixed-cost control and tax-deductible charges, an operating lease combines the benefits of owning an asset with the attraction of lower-cost monthly rentals, whilst also keeping the asset off your balance sheet. Monthly rentals are paid in exchange for use of the asset. At the end of the agreement the trailers can simply be returned to Tiger, or a lease extension agreed at a reduced cost.
Following an initial deposit, the outstanding balance of the trailer is paid off on a weekly or monthly basis, with a fixed rate of interest over a fixed term. At the end of the agreement you are given the option to own the asset outright, paying an optional purchase fee (which is set out in the terms of the original agreement).
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To discuss the finance options Tiger Trailers can offer for your new trailers or rigid bodywork solutions, get in touch today and we will be happy to assist, from hire purchase and contract hire (leasing), to finance leases including bespoke packages.

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