Variety retailer B&M adds an extra twenty-one 52-pallet Tiger fixed double decks to its fleet

Leading retailer, B&M, has welcomed an additional twenty-one Tiger trailers to its national operations, further strengthening the firm’s logistics capabilities through continuous design and engineering enhancements.

B&M describes its widespread distribution centres as ‘the cogs that keep the wheels turning’ and with over 650 high street and out of town stores across the UK requiring the right products at the right time, it is essential that the retailer’s trailers meet its exact needs.

Fifty-two pallets can be carried by the store’s latest fixed double deck trailers as the result of Tiger Trailers manufacturing them with a straight-frame wedge van design and enabling the full length of the lower deck to be utilised.

Designed with customer-specific aperture dimensions that translate into a 1,917mm rear operator loading height which tapers at the front of the trailer, the twin-tier Dhollandia tail-lift, which comprises the upper rear closure, doesn’t have to be used to load the lower deck, therefore boosting efficiency.

To protect against damage from loading bays, the double deck trailers’ rear frame assembly is reinforced at the bottom, while operator safety and simplicity of use are impressive inside through the incorporation of a captive load securing system.

“Tiger have worked closely with the B&M logistics and warehousing teams since 2014. During this time we are extremely pleased that we have developed both the loading and transport solutions to the degree that is evident today. To be able to offer this unique level of service to their operation is very important to us, which we pride ourselves on”, comments Tiger Trailers’ Sales Director, Darren Holland.

Over a relationship that has currently spanned more than five years, Tiger Trailers has to date delivered in excess of four hundred trailers to B&M. Initial iterations were supplied in the form of stepframe curtainsiders with a 44-pallet capacity, highlighting how continuous reviews of the customer’s operations, with an emphasis on loading requirements, have resulted in strong capacity gains being achieved with the manufacturer’s B&M batch for 2020.

Tiger Trailers also provides B&M with a complete warehouse loading bay solution, the manufacturer’s Deck Pod bays in operation at the variety retailer’s largest warehousing and distribution site, Bedford, which it calls ‘The Fort’.

B&M is continuing to rapidly expand and its latest tranche of fixed double decks from Tiger Trailers will play an important and immediate role in logistics, with Christmas fast approaching and the Covid-19 pandemic still having an effect on consumer behaviour.


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