CASE STUDY | Wren Kitchens | Bespoke kitchens, custom demount swap-bodies

Delivering more than 2,000 kitchens a week to customers’ homes across the UK, served by its own fleet of over 200 lorries, logistical efficiency is paramount to Wren Kitchens’ operations. Tiger Trailers was awarded with the contract to manufacture twenty-five demount boxes, reflecting the two companies’ shared focus on bespoke products.

Tiger Trailers was commissioned to design and build Wren Kitchens’ demount boxes for prime mover and drawbar operation in a way that would enable them to interchange seamlessly with the retailer’s existing fleet of trucks, trailers and other vehicles. Transporting heavy and sizeable worktops along with cornishes and a wide range of fittings and other items dictated the provision of tailored internal racking solutions – a task that Tiger Trailers’ engineers embraced as part of the manufacturer’s close collaborative ethos with customers.

“We’re always looking at ways to further enhance our delivery service with our customers at the heart of everything we do, and our fleet of bespoke demountable lorries are key in creating an even more efficient and flexible offering.” – Lee Holmes, Wren Kitchens’ Transport and Logistics Director

The new ‘kite’ load restraint system that Tiger Trailers integrated to work in conjunction with stillages features a strong net that can be moved up and down the box flexibly. This results in multiple benefits for the customer, ranging from enhanced safety for its operators and boosted protection for its products, to an ultimate increase in delivery efficiency.


  • On the road five days per week, the new rigids each make an average of five daily drops, operated by two-person crews
  • Up to two trailers’ worth of waste sawdust and cuttings is recycled each week in rural projects by farmers and landscapers local to Wren in North Lincolnshire
  • Wren Kitchens won the Operational Excellence Award at the Motor Transport Awards 2019.

Safety is placed at the heart of everything Wren Kitchens does, so Tiger Trailers incorporated coloured flooring to warn operators that they are approaching the rear of the demount box, to prevent them falling from height.

“We are proud to have been able to meet these logistical needs of such a well-known household name with strong branding, a great ethos and range. Working with Wren Kitchens at their sites to gain an intimate understanding of their often large and heavy products in order to contribute to exceeding their customers’ expectations was an enriching experience throughout. We thank the Wren Kitchens team for their business and look forward to supporting them.” – Darren Holland, Sales Director, Tiger Trailers


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