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In late 2014, logistics firm Boughey Distribution was one of the first companies to put its faith in Tiger Trailers with an order for 75 curtainsider trailers. As of 2018, the number of Tiger-built assets in Boughey’s trailer fleet stood at 216.

Boughey Distribution serves a wide range of customers across the North West of England and beyond, offering specialist expertise in ambient grocery distribution and storage. Its most recent delivery from Tiger Trailers comprised 50 new curtainsiders, replacing older variants from competitor OEMs.

“This is no ordinary supplier relationship; we regard it more as a partnership, and the fact we are gradually replacing our entire fleet speaks volumes. We know what Tiger is capable of in terms of quality and customer care and they do everything they can to support us. If we ever do have an issue, they work to address it immediately – you can’t put a price on what that’s worth. They also make decisions fast – if we ask for something, there’s no delay whilst they wait for a factory in another location to confirm whether or not they can do it. They’re incredibly receptive to feedback and the quality of the product keeps us coming back.” – Paul Brimelow, Group Fleet Engineer at Boughey Distribution

  • The new trailers were supplied on an eight-year lease direct from Tiger.

  • Boughey Distribution’s entire fleet covers more than 10,000,000 miles every year!

  • It processes around 2,500 orders every week, delivering consolidated loads to some of the UK’s biggest grocery retailers.


The new additions – 35 standard 4.2m tall trailers and 15 4.5m clearspan tri-axle variants for double-stacked loads – were all built to Tiger’s impeccably high standards, providing Boughey with a fleet capable of meeting the company’s high-volume operation for years to come.

Built to Boughey’s bespoke specifications and certified to EN 12642-XL standard, each trailer includes 13 pairs of load restraints, with bunching straps fitted at the rear corner pillars. The flush fitting, galvanised steel rear doors feature four hinges and robust double door lock bars for added load security. Running on BPW axles, the curtainsiders include a Knorr Bremse braking system and are specified on Boughey’s preferred Michelin tyre policy.


“Boughey Distribution was one of our first customers and the working relationship we have developed together has gone from strength to strength – which is fantastic.” – John Cartwright, Joint Managing Director, Tiger Trailers


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