Tiger Safety Team

Discover how Tiger Ted and the Tiger Safety Team deliver child road safety programmes to schools in Cheshire
with their unmissable liveried Volvo truck and curtainsider trailer, and what additional safety projects Tiger Safety Team
is planning to introduce throughout 2022 and beyond.

Tiger Safety Team

From mascot Tiger Ted and his child road safety programme delivered in Cheshire schools, to wider safety projects in factories and targetted at other at-risk groups.

Marking an important new chapter at Tiger Trailers, the Tiger Safety Team, mascot Tiger Ted with his unmissable truck and trailer, and the ‘STOP LOOK BE SEEN’ school child road safety programme was officially launched during Road Safety Week from charity Brake, which Tiger has entered into a 3-year donor relationship with.

During 2022 and beyond, Tiger Ted and his Tiger Safety Team will be delivering awareness sessions on behaviour around large vehicles to Key Stage 2 children in Cheshire to equip them for travelling to high school. Keeping children in this at-risk group safe around such widespread and inherently dangerous vehicles has always been close to the heart of Tiger Safety Team founder Alison Cartwright.

Six children are seriously hurt or killed every day on British roads, with under-12s the most vulnerable, and HGVs pose a danger at up to 5 metres tall and 18 metres long. Awareness of other large and inherently dangerous vehicles, from bin lorries and buses to tractors, will also be promoted.

Keep your eyes out for Tiger Ted on the road and also popping up around the factory over the coming months.

Tiger Trailers Safety Team St Josephs School Winsford child road safety programme launch Volvo Thomas Hardie Alison Cartwright

Tiger Safety Team's visits are completely free, will include both classroom and outside segments, and cover recognising hazards, behaviour change techniques, National Curriculum outcomes, PHSE health, wellbeing & relationships, and the Green Cross Code. Visits consist of Tiger Ted's orange truck and trailer, 2 or 3 Tiger Safety Team members, approximately 30-minute sessions with groups of upto 30 children, and a safety goodie bag. All team members are CRB-checked and are Tiger Trailers employees.

Around forty children plus staff from the debut school, St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Winsford, were given a safety demonstration on launch day presented by Tiger’s own driver Simon Long, teaching them about HGV blind spots, noise, turning circles and other dangers, and a number of children had the opportunity to sit in the cab.

The Tiger Safety Team-wrapped truck supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials is the same specification as the plain unit used for the safety demonstration in Tiger Trailers’ showroom – a Volvo FH 500 6x2 push axle tractor with a Globetrotter cab and the latest I-See topography software. It will visit schools with Tiger Safety Team’s branded curtainsider trailer that features its mascot, Tiger Ted, on the eye-catching livery designed to dovetail with Romac Logistics’ colours. The trailer’s curtains were provided by WJ Leech & Sons.

Tiger Safety Team livery Volvo FH Globetrotter 500 6x2 truck tractor cab Thomas Hardie
Tiger Trailers schoool child safety team curtainsider Romac Logistics Morrisons Volvo

In the words of Alison Cartwright, Tiger Safety Team's founder and manager: "Child safety and giving back to the community have both been close to my heart over the years and I am delighted that Tiger Trailers is able to play a part in keeping young people safe at a milestone time in their lives, thanks to the support we have received from Volvo Trucks UK, Brake, Thomas Hardie and other organisations, plus the enthusiastic members of #TeamTiger’s factory and office teams”, comments Tiger Safety Team’s founder, Alison Cartwright, who manages the company’s wider CSR activities and has been surrounded by trucks and semi-trailers for much of her life, being the daughter of the late and much-respected Alan Cartwright and sister to Tiger’s joint MDs Steven and John.

We are excited about 2022 in which we will be visiting schools regularly to deliver our ‘STOP LOOK BE SEEN’ programme, and it will also be wonderful to see the Tiger Safety Team introduce other initiatives as time goes on, from factory safety education to projects focussed on cyclists, HGV drivers and others.”

Tiger Safety Team Brake Zak Zebra Ted mascot launch day St Josephs Winsford school

The Tiger Safety Team will also use opportunities to promote the logistics industry and manufacturing careers to women, having received support from HGV driver Heidi Chapman, part of Veterans into Logistics’ team, and also Emma Elston MBE, CEO of UK Container Maintenance and a previous winner of Business Woman of the Year.

Book Tiger Safety Team for your school

To book Tiger Ted and the Tiger Safety Team to provide a free road safety presentation at your school in East or West Cheshire, get in touch by contacting:

Alison Cartwright

Tiger Trailers Safety Team school programme supported by Cheshire Community Foundation 100
Tiger Trailers Safety Team school programme launched Road Safety Week 2021 heroes
Tiger Trailers Safety Team school programme Ted mascot Volvo FH 500 Globetrotter Thomas Hardie truck

As one of the UK's leading articulated trailer manufacturers, with an employee base of over 220 people at its site in Cheshire, and with its large vehicle products prominently visible across the UK road network, Tiger Trailers' keen desire to give back to, support and make a difference in its local communities, the haulage industry and the wider world is multi-faceted. The manufacturer is also passionate about sustainability and strives to increasingly introduce environmentally efficient 'green' components and engineering approaches to its products, working alongside like-minded suppliers.

Tiger Trailers is a corporate donor of the charity Brake, one of the UK's most prominent road safety voices, and donates money on an annual basis as one of the organisation's Global Fleet Champions, to help fund their work.

Tiger Trailers is also a proud supporter of Cheshire Community Foundation and a member of the organisation's Cheshire 100.