Tag a Tiger

#TagATiger | Spotted in the wild

Tiger Trailers has built up a passionate and determined fanbase of spotters who regularly contribute snaps of the manufacturer's trailers on the road out in the wild.

Here are just some of the hundreds of photos sent in over the last few years - and our marketing team would love to be able to post plenty more as the months and years progress - so keep spotting and tagging us in with #TagATiger so that we can add your photo(s) to this page, including any copyright or watermark incorporated.

#TagATiger is primarily something fun for road transport and commercial vehicle enthusiasts, truck-spotters and others with an interest. Any inclusion of personal details such as vehicle registration numbers, road signs and faces is purely incidental, so Tiger Trailers Limited will not be liable for any GDPR or other infringements. Our marketing team will promptly review any requests for the removal of certain images and reserves the right to retain any photograph online. Please ensure that photos of Tiger trailers in the wild on the road and parked up are taken safely, adhering to road rules and other safe practices.