Sustainability & Environment

Green factory. Efficient products.


Green factory. Efficient products.

Proactively mindful of its operations’ impact on the community and the
environment, Tiger Trailers is proud to be part of the local and wider communities.
It is the company’s aim to create opportunities to recruit and develop local people
and to understand the local issues that are important to the community and how it
can support them.

  • CO2 Emissions

    Tiger Trailers has set a target of reducing tonnes of CO2e per £m of costs of sales by 5% per annum (based on the figures reported in the year ended 31 December 2020 of 748 tonnes of CO2e per £m of cost of sales) over the 5 years ending 31 December 2025.

  • Building design & systems

    The design of Tiger Trailers’ new building utilises energyefficient heat pump heating and cooling systems, with natural ventilation throughout supported by a super-efficient heat recovery ventilation system employed within the offices, while gas-fired radiant heating is used in the production area.

  • Lighting

    Automated high-efficiency LED lighting installed in the offices and factory also contributes to the environmentally-friendly credentials of the manufacturer’s site which, combined with the efficient construction techniques used, leads to an overall building rating of ‘A’.

Automotive, Mobility & Road Safety

Car-sharing is encouraged and supported through Tiger Trailers’ HR department, and the firm’s facilities include charge points for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Road safety has an important place in the company’s ethos. The latest news, campaigns and innovative technology developments are considered in the Road Transport Hub on Tiger Trailers’ website, and the company works with schools and other organisations to promote road safety to children, cyclists and others as part of its CSR activities.

Sustainability & Environmental CSR - electric plugin hybrid vehicle charge points Winsford industrial business
Sustainability & Environmental CSR - Amber Valley semi cyclist warning display

Recyclable, light & versatile products

Tiger Trailers manufactures sustainable products that simultaneously provide environmental benefits to end users and, ultimately, society as a whole, such as increased fuel efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The innovative sidewall material used in the Double Deck Trailers Tiger builds for certain customers is recyclable and offers significant weight-saving properties alongside increased load capacity that is equivalent in some cases to two typical single-deck trailers.

Sustainability & Environmental CSR - efficient CO2 emissions saving Morrisons supermarket double decks
Sustainability & Environmental CSR - efficient double decks basket cage capacity
Sustainability & Environmental CSR - efficient CO2 emissions saving Royal Mail front aero