TWT upgrades fleet with Tiger Trailers

  • Latest order includes six Tiger curtainsiders and a PSK for container work
  • Two new Tiger-bodied rigids as fleet is upgraded
  • Quality and responsiveness cited as basis for Tiger being selected
  • Tiger also working on ‘innovative’ trailer design for TWT use

As part of its strategic fleet modernisation plans for 2019, TWT Logistics Group, the family-owned operator based in Cardiff, has invested again in Tiger Trailers.

Trevor Taylor, TWT owner, says he is delighted with the first of the new trailers to arrive, which are part of an order for seven, comprising six curtainsiders and a specialist PSK for container work. They join four trailers acquired from Tiger Trailers just over a year ago. Also included in the latest order for the Winsford-based manufacturer are curtainsided bodies for two rigid vehicles.

Talking about the work with Tiger Trailers, Trevor Taylor commented, “I have been around the logistics business for many years, and part of our success has been based strongly on personal relationships. I have known Tiger’s sales director, Darren Holland, for many years, since his days at Boalloy, and he and the rest of the Tiger team are people I feel comfortable in dealing with. I am very happy with the product quality and to date their responsiveness to any queries we have had has been absolutely marvellous.”

The new trailers, alongside DAF and Mercedes Benz rigids, will be put into operation at TWT’s satellite depot at Andover where the operator is currently engaged in work to develop a new, larger site.

Talking about the trailers, Trevor Taylor noted, “We are specifying them all to full EN12642XL standard, even the frame and headboard on the PSK, because we feel we have a duty to our customers and the wider public to invest in equipment that is as safe as modern standards allow. That’s why we also buy premium trucks such as the DAF and Mercedes Benz rigids. It’s an old saying, but true nonetheless, that quality doesn’t cost, it pays!”

TWT also acquired bought a number of DAF XF 480 FTG tractor units with Super Space Cabs.

Alongside the new fleet, Tiger Trailers is working ‘under wraps’ on a special trailer design for TWT Logistics. Trevor Taylor was tight-lipped about the development, beyond confirming that it is in progress, other than to say, “This is a very innovative approach if we can make it work. I have confidence in the Tiger team and so far we are moving in the right direction. There’s a way to go yet, but we all have faith in the project.”

It is understood the innovation is initially being worked on with one particular TWT customer in mind.

TWT has just celebrated its 30th Anniversary, having started, as so many have, with just a single vehicle. Today, alongside its 80 trucks, the business runs 120 trailers and has some 125 drivers on the books to cover day/night haulage and its demanding and still-growing national and local contracts, as well as its pallet network activities.

The company is more fortunate than many in these difficult times, in that Trevor Taylor diversified into property development alongside his transport business many years ago. TWT already has over 100,000sq.ft. of factory, warehousing and units in South Wales alone. “I took a gamble and bought a large building in a period of downturn some years ago, turning it into smaller units that have been taken up as the area recovered. I have continued in development and, while I genuinely love transport, I am very glad we have the property side here as well, if you know what I mean.”


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