Forty Tiger box trailers manufactured for Primark’s fleet in just three months for new Wincanton 3PL relationship

In early 2022, Tiger met the challenge set by Primark of manufacturing forty articulated box van semi-trailers in record time within just twelve weeks to meet the fleet requirements brought about by the leading international retailer’s new 3PL contract with Wincanton and the necessity to maintain the efficiency of its supply chain and logistics operations after its previous third-party logistics partnership concluded.

Primark’s Network Transport Manager, Ant Franks, lead the project and secured the mobilisation of the company’s all-new trailer fleet, working closely with Tiger Trailers’ Business Development Director, Stephen Pollock, and Samantha Hardy at Wincanton.

Primark’s Ant Franks comments: “We are pleased to partner with Tiger Trailers and Wincanton to support our significant UK logistics operation. Working together, we maintained service throughout our UK network while bringing in this new fleet in a timely manner, in difficult market conditions, to allow a seamless transition in providers. Thanks to everyone at Tiger, Wincanton and Finch who helped to make this happen.”

Primark Antony Franks, Tiger Steve Pollock at Islip DC

The achievement of the teams from Tiger, Primark, Wincanton, and Finch Signs working together is impressive against the current global backdrop of long lead times and supply chain challenges, enabling Primark’s first batch of new trailers to hit the road by February, just a few months after the retailer’s first contact with Tiger.

As a result of this successful partnership between the end retailer, 3PL and manufacturing supplier, Ireland-headquartered Primark has placed orders with Tiger for over forty additional trailers including retail moving deck double decks and specialist trailers such as LSTs, set for build during late 2022 into 2023.

The Cheshire manufacturer’s production teams and lines worked tirelessly on the initial 40-strong box trailer order, aided in part by its nightshift operation which has been running since late 2020 to facilitate increased order demand during the pandemic and beyond.

New Primark articulated HGV box van semi trailers by Tiger

Finch Signs, a business local to Primark’s 1.1m sq. ft. Islip primary distribution centre in Northamptonshire, wrapped the trailers in the retailer’s Primark Cares livery, with Finch director Darren Wesby attending the PR photoshoot.

Stephen Pollock, Tiger Trailers’ business development director, says: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work closely with Ant and the teams at Primark and Wincanton in delivering their expediently required assets in record time”.

He adds: “We’re proud of the forty initial box vans Tiger has manufactured and we’re excited about continuing to support Primark for many years to come, starting with the next batches of trailers ordered for later this year and into 2023. Thanks again to Primark for choosing Tiger after recognising our customer-led ethos, efficient production capabilities, and attractive lead times.”

Primark’s new straight-frame box vans are split into twin and tri-axle types and are equipped with tail-lifts with hinged rear and side ramps, various LED lights to enhance safety, and Michelin X® Line™ Energy™ tyres with environmental, fuel efficiency and fleet management aims in mind.

Primark currently serves its UK store network from two distribution centres and a number of out bases, with its newest depot based in Islip, Northamptonshire, which has 1.1 million sq. ft. of space and is where Primark’s new Tiger trailer fleet and its truck tractor cab units are a familiar sight, including the ten environmentally friendly Iveco Stralis NP 460 bio-liquified natural gas trucks it operates. 

Main photograph, left to right:

Samantha Hardy, Contract General Manager, Wincanton;

Ant Franks, Network Transport Manager, Primark;

Stephen Pollock, Business Development Director, Tiger Trailers;

Darren Wesby, Director, Finch Signs;

Oliver Hammond, PR & Marketing Manager, Tiger Trailers.

Primark Wincanton Tiger Finch - Islip DC Northamptonshire Iveco Stralis NP gas truck

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