P&B Foods gets its first taste of Tiger with a customised urban curtainsider trailer

A leading UK and European wholesale supplier of spices, lentils, flour, rice, pickles and other culinary products has taken delivery of its first Tiger Trailers product, an urban curtainsider, with safe and efficient operations in focus.

Founded in 1967, P&B Foods of Bradford, West Yorkshire, produces its own well-known brands Balah, Heera, Parivaar and Rishta, and also acts as agents and distributors in the South Asian, Caribbean and Chinese markets for popular food brands including sauces from Amoy and Nando’s, Filippo Berio Olive Oils, Pataks, Rubicon drinks and Tilda.

P&B Foods’ operation is home to a 150,000 sq. ft packing and warehouse facility, around 120 sales and warehouse staff and its own transport fleet to maximise efficient delivery to its widespread customer base.

The company’s fleet has now welcomed its first Tiger Trailers asset, a tandem axle urban curtainsider trailer providing a flexible solution for work in restricted spaces such as cities, towns and rural areas thanks to its shorter dimensions of 10.7m in length and 4m in height, along with a rear-steer axle aiding manoeuvrability, and a 2-tonne Anteo sliding tail-lift with a 1.6m platform and wanderlead system. It also features a pillarless clearspan roof providing increased light levels inside.

Customised P&B Foods Bradford urban curtainsider with Scania

“We’re very pleased indeed with our new curtainsider from Tiger Trailers. The way their team listened to our requirements and worked hard at all stages to deliver a high-quality finished product impressed us and instils confidence. Their genuine enthusiasm shone through during the handover, too. We look forward to the trailer serving a valued place on our fleet”, comments Lee Wolowiec, P&B Foods’.

Designed to meet P&B Foods’ 20-pallet operational requirements, the EN12642XL-rated trailer has been engineered with safety in mind. Flashing LED marker lights illuminate when the trailer’s tail-lift is in the down position, helping to keep operatives and pedestrians safer. Environmental LEDs were fitted adjacent to the landing legs, facing down at 45 degrees towards the rear to improve visibility when the trailer is reversing. Additionally, safety meets style through the inclusion of rear LED light clusters with progressive animated or ‘sweeping’ indicators as seen on many of the latest cars from manufacturers including Audi, Ford and Volkswagen, which are easier to identity in poor weather and low light conditions.

“Thanks to everyone involved at P&B Foods. It has been a pleasure designing and engineering this new fleet addition. Finished in Scania Chilli Red, P&B Foods’ new customised urban curtainsider from Tiger Trailers is distinctive and we would be delighted to provide additional solutions over the coming months and years”, comments Thomas Stott, technical sales manager.

Urban curtainsider trailers essentially represent a hybrid solution encompassing the respective strengths of rigid trucks and full-length curtainsider trailers, providing transport operators with greater flexibility through highly manoeuvrable vehicles. They can be fitted with fork-truck or tail-lift rears and can be customised with a range of different load restraint options.


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