Mulgrew Haulage of Ireland switches to Tiger and orders 200 custom curtainsiders

Mulgrew Haulage, one of the island of Ireland’s leading operators, known for its specialism in the drinks industry, has switched to Tiger Trailers for its latest curtainsider fleet order in a procurement move influenced heavily by the manufacturer’s ability to build bespoke trailers to exacting specifications.

Tiger’s sales and engineering teams collaborated closely with Paul Mulgrew to build an initial prototype trailer before its production lines turned into a sea of the customer’s distinctive orange livery that nicely compliments the coachbuilder’s own.

Ferry use comprises a significant percentage of Mulgrew’s operations and Tiger met this in several ways throughout its tailored EN 12642 XL-rated curtainsider trailer design, from recessed and protected lighting, underrun positioning, and D-buffers to protect from damage, to heavy-duty and removeable roof cappings and tapered and plated bottoms to the corner pillars to reduce coupling impact.

Mulgrew’s operational restraints of 4650mm at the core are also reflected in Tiger’s solution that bestows the haulier with the maximum side aperture possible for multi-user movements, along with a very specific load restraint setup.

Paul Mulgrew, Director, says: “Darren and his colleagues certainly lived up to Tiger’s customer-first way of building trailers and his repeated visits to see our operations and understand our requirements first hand have resulted in new trailers that we are very happy with. It’s refreshing to work with a manufacturer that goes the extra mile in tailoring its products for each customer like this.”

Over 50 of the haulier’s 200-strong trailer have so far departed Tiger’s factory in Cheshire for Mulgrew’s sites in County Down – the Holm Factory (Dromore) and Culcavy – Dublin, Deeside and Heysham and will, once all assets have been delivered, take the operator’s already sizeable fleet to around 1,000 trailers, with the latest curtainsiders therefore representing around a fifth.

Mulgrew runs a fleet of over 200 truck tractor units, predominantly Scania, some in orange and some in white, and its warehousing division offers customers in the food, drinks, FMCG and other sectors with more than 150,000 sq. ft. of space.

“It has been a pleasure to work closely with Paul to produce a trailer to suit Mulgrew’s individual needs and the environments they operate in. Visiting the customer in Ireland multiple times enabled us to understand their requirements and ensure that Tiger met their specification 100%, building the one-off protype up front to iron out any challenges before commending building the remainder of the 200 ordered”, comments Darren Holland, Tiger Trailers’ Sales Director.

Tiger Trailers offers the full product range, from curtainsiders and box vans to double decks, temperature controlled, demounts, and rigid bodywork, along with a portfolio of services including finance, parts, and rentals. The manufacturer has been rapidly welcoming a growing number of hauliers from across the island of Ireland to its customer base during 2021 into 2022.

Since its formation in 2014, articulated HGV semi-trailer manufacturer Tiger Trailers has always had a strong customer-focussed ethos, and prides itself on manufacturing a full product range of trailers and rigid bodywork to the precise requirements of its diverse end users.

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