CASE STUDY | Hovis | Innovative, effective & safe 7.2t Iveco rigids for kerbside urban bakery deliveries

With over 1 million UK and Ireland-destined loaves departing from Hovis’ eight bakeries and two distribution centres each day to a widespread network of stores large and small, vehicular and logistical efficiencies are key to the iconic firm’s operations. Tiger Trailers’ experienced design and engineering team rose to the challenge with their latest Rigid Bodywork solution for the 135-year-old baker.

Hovis, a long-standing customer of Tiger Trailers, has relied on the innovative manufacturer for trailers and Rigid Bodies of varying sizes since 2015, with around 30 Double Decks, 100 Box Van trailers and 200 Rigid Bodywork solutions delivered so far. For this batch of 7.2t Rigid Vans, the brief was focussed on providing agility, efficiency, innovation and safety for the multi-drop environment and frequent kerbside deliveries in urban areas, that typify the vehicles’ Cat C1 radial drivers’ routes.

“We have placed our trust in Tiger Trailers for several years and are very pleased with this latest batch of Rigid Bodywork solutions from their team, which are proving effective on our fleet and meet the objectives we set. Tiger always listens to customers’ requirements and their ongoing support instils confidence.” – Tony Stuart, Head of Logistics Operations Support at Hovis

Based on an Iveco chassis, the key feature of Tiger Trailers’ solution for Hovis is the incorporation of a 1100mm flush door on the nearside, with a step well for ground level access, enabling drivers to make kerbside deliveries in a way that boosts not only their own safety but that of other road users including cyclists. The step well has a gravity catch to retain the lower section in the raised position, a yellow handrail is fitted to the unhinged side of the footwell, and various other catches and buffers enhance operator safety further. A delicate balance of galvanisation and lightweight components including a 3D Tiger aerofoil and side ears bring both strength and fuel efficiency to the chassis, and an alloy shutter and 500kg tail-lift provide access at the rear of the vehicle.


Inside, safety of Hovis personnel is again reflected through the specifying of a non-slip phenolic coated plywood floor, and interior lights that operate on a PIR sensor to provide effective illumination while reducing battery and fuel demands. Up front, a reverse sensor with an in-cab display helps to keep both drivers and those in the vicinity safe. A number of Tiger Trailers’ Rigid Bodywork products for Hovis incorporate TRAILAR’s innovative solar technology suite, which includes a mat on the roof that utilises energy from the sun to power the vehicle’s ancillary systems.

This batch of Hovis Rigids feature a nearside door and step designed for kerbside deliveries. Operator and road user safety is boosted with non-slip flooring, high levels of lighting, plus reversing sensors. Innovative TRAILAR solar technology increases battery life and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


“Over the years, we have seen customers’ requirements evolve due to the changing nature of their operations. The increasing focus on agile deliveries in sometimes tight environments and on typically busy roads resulted in a welcome engineering challenge for Hovis that we are delighted our team once again delivered on.” – Steven Cartwright, Tiger Trailers’ Joint Managing Director


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