CASE STUDY | Univar Solutions | Design-led rigid curtainsiders with a strong safety emphasis


Univar Solutions is a global chemical and ingredients distributor with one of the largest private fleets in the sector. Based predominantly on innovation and flexibility, Tiger Trailers was chosen to add thirty-three ‘safety first’ rigids to its UK vehicle portfolio.

  • Safety is key for Univar Solutions and their new rigid curtainsiders feature AirBar (a self-inflating, illuminated barrier product) from NuVech Solutions.
  • The vehicles also incorporate Tiger Trailers’ innovative ‘captive rave’ and pillarless clearspan roof technologies, making them safe and efficient to operate.
  • Each Univar Solutions vehicle travels circa 50,000 miles per annum to ensure efficient and timely delivery to an average of 8 customers each day. Their skilled ADR drivers are trained in chemical transfer deliveries.


Univar Solutions’ new rigid curtainsiders were ordered in late 2019 to coincide with the company’s end of life fleet replacement schedule. With DAF truck units and chassis providing the basis for each, twenty-eight were specified with sleeper cabs and five with space cabs – and this forward-thinking customer included some very specific requirements in its safety-focussed brief to Tiger Trailers’ designers, engineers and technical team.

“It was refreshing to work with a trailer manufacturer that really took the time to understand our unique requirements and our focus on safety, which they then reflected in their design and the supplied rigids. We are exceptionally pleased with the new vehicles and are confident that our team will find them enjoyable to operate thanks to the safety features plus Tiger Trailers’ rave system and the additional storage. As a fleet operator it’s reassuring to know that road users and others are kept safe through the incorporation of NuVech’s AirBar. Thanks to everyone at Tiger Trailers for their detailed, innovative and professional approach.” – Steve Harrison, Univar Solutions’ Head of Transport Operations

Safety was Univar Solutions’ primary aim and the bodies were designed and built so that the folding pull-out steel steps must be retracted into their recess before the curtains can be closed. Boosting the safety of operatives, pedestrians and road users including cyclists, NuVech’s innovative AirBar solution was incorporated into the new rigids, providing a physical barrier. Mounted on the vehicle, AirBar is a retractable device with a flexible membrane that inflates under pressure, with bright LEDs enhancing visibility futher. Additionally, exterior fire extinguisher holders were prominently fitted.

Bespoke design flexibility comprised another of Univar Solutions’ objectives for the rigids, their typical operation necessitating the incorporation of a full-closure Dhollandia DH-LM.30 cantilever tail-lift, plus additional storage under the chassis.

A key motivator in awarding the project was the manufacturer’s innovative ethos and effective solutions, and the customer specified Tiger Trailers’ ‘captive rave’ load-securing system that offers increased levels of efficiency, security and safety through its pioneering approach to strapping, ratchets and side raves.


Designed and built to comply with the European Standard EN 12642 XL, Univar Solutions’ new fleet of rigid curtainsiders from Tiger Trailers also feature pillarless clearspan roofs, making them strong yet lightweight, and the customer chose galvanised bearers and rear frames.

“From initial discussions and design concepts through to manufacturing and handover, Univar Solutions have been an absolute pleasure to welcome on-board Tiger Trailers’ customerbase. Their new fleet additions look stunning and it was engaging to have been tasked with incorporating the various extra technologies and safety systems.” – Thomas Stott, Technical Sales Manager, Tiger Trailers



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