CASE STUDY | Hovis | Innovative moving double deck trailers put efficiency on the baker’s table

With millions of loaves departing from Hovis’ regional bakeries and UK distribution centres each day, vehicular and logistical efficiencies are key to the iconic firm’s operations, and Tiger Trailers’ innovative moving deck double deck solution has been designed to maximise trailer capacity and reduce operating costs. Hovis, a household name in bakery and a long-standing customer of Tiger Trailers, entirely refreshed its double deck fleet in summer 2020 with an initial order of thirty units.

  • Tiger Trailers’ thirty initial moving deck double deck trailers destined for putting Hovis’ bread on the nation’s tables were completed with full-length hydraulic moving decks, utilising Tiger’s proven in-house 4-ram lift system, which is now fitted to in excess of 1,000 trailers.

The baker’s new straight-frame moving deck double deck trailers have a wedge design to enable full load utilisation inside, and Tiger Trailers’ team was set the challenge of accommodating two different sizes of bread basket, which drew upon the manufacturer’s designers’ and engineers’ depth of talent to accomplish. It also provided the opportunity for Tiger’s consultancy approach to be demonstrated, working especially closely with the customer throughout the contract.

“Swiftly following the urban delivery rigid vans they produced for us in their most recent Hovis contract, we worked with Tiger to develop a solution that fits our operation perfectly. As always, the end result is impressive, and these trailers are already delivering great operational savings.” – Tony Stuart, Head of Logistics Operations Support at Hovis


In addition to maximising the flexible bread basket capability of their new moving deck double deck trailers, Hovis also had weight-saving and ultimately fuel-saving aims in mind, and Tiger Trailers provided an ideal solution in the form of its new lightweight composite body panel.

As a long-standing customer of Tiger Trailers, Hovis has previously turned to the innovative manufacturer for trailers and rigid bodies of varying sizes up to 15 tonnes, including a recent batch of 45 bespoke 7.2t convenience urban kerbside delivery vans with side doors, a number of which featured solar power.


“Tiger’s whole team were delighted to be working so closely with such a relatable product and iconic name on a project that required significant skill in order to meet the customer’s bespoke requirements. We’re looking forward to seeing Hovis’ new double deck trailers on the road and working with their team again soon.” – Daniel Challinor, Operations Director, Tiger Trailers


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