CASE STUDY | | Aerodynamic, lightweight rigid Mercedes Atego trucks

Established in 2000, is on a mission to become the leading European online retailer of electrical products, with a genuine desire to be at the forefront of online retail innovation. Central to its operation are specialist two-man delivery teams utilising a modern fleet of vans, rigid trucks and double deck trailers.

Tiger has supplied hydraulic moving deck double deck trailers for’s trunking fleet since 2014, but when the company looked to invest in 80 new rigid trucks, it once again turned to Tiger. This time the challenge was simple – make its new fleet of 7.5-tonne Mercedes-Benz Ategos amongst the most efficient delivery vehicles on the road.

  • On the road seven days a week, the new rigids make between 30 and 40 drops per day

  • Each vehicle is expected to clock-up between 80,000 and 100,000 km per year

  • They feature dependable ‘slam locks’ on the rear roller-door to maximise security – removing the need for any additional locking system

“We knew Tiger’s design team would be up to the task. They look at things differently to other manufacturers, placing the efficiency of the design at the forefront of the process. Our trucks operate nationwide, from quiet country roads to bustling city streets, so the new aerodynamics will make a significant difference to their fuel efficiency.” – David Ashwell, Managing Director for AO Logistics

Tiger focused on improving the truck’s aerodynamics, while also making the bodywork light, yet strong. Its solution included an entirely new aerofoil design, specially moulded to create smoother airflow around the vehicle in order to improve fuel efficiency and significantly reduce running costs.


Key to these savings was an intelligent design that used materials which helped to minimise weight. Aluminium was used in the bearers, chassis runners and in the panels of the rear roller-door – replacing the more widespread industry standard approach of using wood – while ultra-thin Ecofont side panels provided a lightweight solution without any loss of rigidity or strength.

The inclusion of a tuck-under tail-lift, rather than a more traditional column lift, also kept weight down, while helping to increase the speed and efficiency of the loading and unloading process.

“ likes to push boundaries and do things differently, partnering with strategic-level suppliers which can support their goals innovatively and proactively. They don’t rest on their laurels and they don’t expect any of their suppliers to do so either. The initial doubledeck order was a terrific piece of business to win four years ago and we are extremely pleased to now be manufacturing bodies for their rigid fleet too. The aerodynamic features we incorporated on the Ategos were completely new and involved a lot of careful calculation and precise material selection. We’re delighted the new trucks are impressing in service!” – John Cartwright, Joint Managing Director, Tiger Trailers



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