- Loading bay solutions for single and double deck trailers
- Designed to suit customer loading and operational requirements
- Reduced loading times and increased efficiency
- Available in range of pallet capacities


Innovative loading and unloading solutions for single and double deck trailers

Tiger Trailers are the UK’s only trailer chassis and body manufacturer to also provide a trailer loading and unloading system for both single and double deck trailers. The company has utilised its extensive industry knowledge in the design and manufacture of moving deck trailers to create a complete loading solution designed to exact customer requirements. The Tiger Trailers Deck Pod™ loading solution enables faster loading and unloading times compared to alternatives.

  • A wider internal platform lift, allowing for double the quantity of pallets to be loaded on the deck in one lift (14 at a time, with room for the operator)

  • A hydraulic, telescopic bridge plate allowing for level loading of each deck.

  • Warehouse level access to the Deck Pod, requiring no decline ramp to begin loading.

  • The Deck Pod maximises use of space, with a narrower external width than competitor products, thereby requiring only one standard warehouse bay.

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The Tiger Trailers Deck Pod is easier and safer to use than alternative loading solutions.

  • Improved lighting through translucent cladding, using natural light to create a better working environment for the operator

  • LED indicator lamps to alert the operator to the position of the deck, bridge plate and gate

  • Simple, easy to use operator switches with LED indicator lamps

  • Incorporation of several safety features, including emergency safety gates and end guards (to prevent underneath access)

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The Tiger Trailers Deck Pod is designed as a long-term, cost-effective load solution, requiring less maintenance, which in turn saves time.

  • The hydraulic direct-drive four ram lift system incorporates a simpler design than more traditional rope and pulley variants – meaning less wearing of parts and a reduction of lifetime maintenance costs

  • Comprehensive training is supplied to end user operators, along with dedicated manuals and SSOWs

  • Offer of 12-month inclusive service package, along with Tiger 24/7 breakdown support

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