Customer Experience


Tiger Trailers approaches things very differently to the rest of the industry and puts continuous consultation with the customer at the heart of the process.

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Visiting the customer

Tiger Trailers believes the best way to assess a customer’s requirements is to review their current logistics operation in detail in order to provide a complete design solution.

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Designing the solution

Following Tiger's team visiting the customer's site, specifications along with an outline sales drawing are provided to establish Tiger's proposal to manufacture the required product.

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Collaborative consultation

Customers are invited to view 3D models of Tiger's design proposals, created in powerful SolidWorks 3D design software and harnessing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology.

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Virtual Reality technology

Tiger Trailers has invested in virtual reality (VR) headset technology to enable customers who visit our site to immerse themselves in their trailers’ design in a way that brings it to life like never before, complete with clickable components and layers of augmented information.

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Manufacturing the product

Manufactured in a state-of-the art facility, every Tiger Trailers product receives stringent quality analysis at each stage of the build. Tiger’s dedicated production updates ensure that the customer can follow the progress of their order from start to finish.

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Mid-contract visits

Tiger welcomes customer visits at key stages during manufacture, providing the opportunity to evaluate work in progress in the factory environment, discuss the project with sales, engineering and other teams, and plan the potential addition of different products at a later date.

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Showroom Handover

Every customer is invited to the factory for the handover of their completed order, viewing the finished product and experiencing its operation in detail in the indoor showroom.

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Collection & Delivery

Tiger’s customers are given the choice of delivery or collection, the latter presenting the opportunity to meet drivers and other key personnel, and for high quality photographs to be taken.

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Customers can be confident of ongoing support through the dedicated aftersales service, Tiger 24/7, covering warranty, parts, servicing, repairs, training & rental across the UK and Europe.