Case study | British Gypsum curtainsiders with XPO

Lightweight and safe curtainsider trailers showcase innovation

Within just twelve weeks in 2019, Tiger Trailers delivered several hundred lightweight curtainsiders to eight British Gypsum locations across the UK. At a breakthrough 6,500kg each, these innovative trailers helped the customer achieve a significant cost per tonne improvement. Incorporating Tiger’s patented ‘captive rave’ load securing system, they are also safer and more efficient for operatives.

Case study - British Gypsum XPO curtainsiders

payload achieved within 44,000kg overall weight


weight saving efficiency


reduction in ratchet devices means safer operation

Case study - British Gypsum XPO curtainsiders - lightweight clearspan pillarless roof captive rave load securing

Following British Gypsum awarding XPO Logistics with a 10-year partnership contract, Tiger Trailers was engaged alongside Scania as a key fleet partner and set the challenge of designing a curtainsider trailer strong yet light enough to carry a 29,500kg payload (itself a 2,500kg improvement for the customer) whilst operating at 44,000kg in overall weight including the tractor unit, trailer and load.

  • Working closely with Tata Steel and the University of Warwick’s Advanced Engineering Team, and utilising advanced CAD, finite element analysis (FEA) plus high-grade steel, Tiger Trailers achieved a weight saving of 850kg, creating one of the lightest tri-axle curtainsider trailers on the UK market.

  • The translucent design of Tiger Trailers’ clearspan pillarless roof provides increased weight capability in addition to enhanced light levels and visibility, which both boost safety, and the front tensioners are designed for finger bay FLT operation.

  • Tiger Trailers’ engineers created an innovative load securing system called ‘captive rave’. Replacing a traditional ‘hook’ strap approach, this patented, roof-mounted system features ratchets stored individually inside the rear doors, with the straps ‘captive’ throughout the process, greatly reducing potential injury, With ratchet devices reduced by 50% to just 13, British Gypsum has benefitted from commensurate operational efficiency gains. Additionally, flush doors enable the customer to showcase its branding even more purely.

Case study - British Gypsum XPO curtainsiders - recessed ratcher curtain load securing captive rave innovation

“The team from XPO Logistics, British Gypsum and Tiger Trailers recognised the benefit of a close working partnership throughout this design, build and fleet transition project in 2019. I couldn’t be more proud of the new British Gypsum Transport network and its new fleet of lightweight Tiger Trailers and I’m reminded of this every time I see one of them on UK roads!”

Damien Oliphant

XPO Logistics’ Account Director for British Gypsum

  • Tiger Trailers manufactured and delivered 500 curtainsiders for British Gypsum in just 12 weeks

  • Typical 13.6m curtainsider trailers weigh 7,350kg on average. British Gypsum's weigh 6,500kg

  • British Gypsum now operates the safest UK truck and trailer fleet 'on the road'

"We relish being set a challenge and this project for British Gypsum involved a number, from the lightweight requirements to the scale of the order. It was a pleasure to work closely with the customer, XPO and other partners and we look forward to continuing to support British Gypsum over the coming years."

Darren Holland
Sales Director, Tiger Trailers