Case Study | B&M discount high street retailer: Continuous evolution results in the complete package, with 52-pallet fixed double decks and loading bay doors.

Continuous evolution results in the complete package for long-term customer B&M

Having manufactured trailers for this leading variety retailer since 2015, supplying over 400 trailers, every build has seen various design, engineering and operational strides being made - and today Tiger Trailers provides B&M with a complete solution.

The manufacturer’s earlier builds for B&M were in the guise of stepframe Curtainsider trailers that enabled 44 pallets to be transported. B&M’s order for 2020 comprised twentyone straightframe Fixed Deck Double Deck wedge vans capable of carrying 52 pallets by utilising the full length of the lower deck, highlighting the strong capacity gains achieved with this latest tranche of vehicles that are the culmination of continuous reviews of the customer’s operations, with an emphasis on loading requirements.

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Customer-specific aperture dimensions identified by Tiger Trailers’ designers allow the bottom deck to be loaded without moving the tail lift, which forms the upper rear closure. The Double Deck Trailers’ wedge design enables an operator loading height at the rear of 1917mm, which tapers towards the front of the vehicle. The rear frame assembly is reinforced at the bottom to protect against damage from loading bays, while Tiger Trailers’ innovative ‘Captive Rave’ load securing and restraint system is utilised inside for enhanced efficiency along with added operator safety.

Incorporating an integrated twin-tier tail lift from Dhollandia enables efficient deliveries to be made directly from B&M’s widespread distribution centres to its nationwide stores.

Case study - B&M Bedford deck pods HGV trailer loading bay warehouse door solution

With the mantra ‘Right stock, right time’, B&M describes its distribution centres as ‘the cogs that keep the wheels turning’. Named ‘The Fort’, B&M’s Bedford warehouse is the largest in its nationwide portfolio - and Tiger Trailers is proud to have developed innovative loading bay solutions to ensure that efficiency is as strong as possible. Over the last five years, Tiger Trailers has utilised its extensive industry knowledge in the design and manufacture of Double Deck Trailers to create a complete loading solution designed to meet B&M’s exact requirements. The Tiger Trailers Deck Pod™ loading solution in operation at B&M’s distribution centre in Bedford equips the variety retailer with faster loading and unloading times compared to alternatives and is currently the UK’s only system for both single and Double Deck Trailers.

Featuring a wider internal platform lift, double the quantity of pallets can be loaded on the deck in one lift, up to a total of 14 at one time including room for the operator. Level loading of each deck is achieved using a hydraulic, telescopic bridge plate, and B&M’s personnel can work more safely because access to the Deck Pod is at warehouse level, requiring no decline ramp to begin loading.

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Only one standard warehouse bay is required because Tiger’s design maximises use of space and incorporates a narrower external width. Easier and safer to use than alternative loading solutions, with enhanced levels of light, an array of LED indicator lamps plus safety measures including emergency gates and end guards, Tiger Trailers Deck Pod provides reassuring protection for B&M’s operatives.

Maintenance time and costs are also optimised and kept to a minimum with Tiger Trailers Deck Pod loading solutions, the hydraulic direct-drive four-ram lift system carrying a simpler design than more traditional rope and pulley variants, meaning less wearing of parts and a reduction of lifetime maintenance costs.

Tiger Trailers has developed a close partnership with B&M over several years, the latest order of Fixed Deck Double Deck wedge vans combined with the retailer’s Bedfordsite’s loading bay solutions proving an impressive package through continuous engineering innovation and the manufacturer’s consultative, customer-led approach to trailer design.

  • Tiger has manufactured trailers for B&M since 2015

  • The variety retailer previously operated 44-pallet Curtainsiders and now relies on 52-pallet Fixed Deck Double Decks

  • Tiger Trailers also provides B&M with Deck Pod loading bay solutions for both single and double decks.

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“Tiger have worked closely with the B&M Logistics & Warehousing teams since 2014. During this time we are extremely pleased that we have developed both the loading and transport solutions to the degree that is evident today. To be able to offer this unique level of service to their operation is very important to us, which we pride ourselves on.”

Darren Holland
Sales Director at Tiger Trailers