Employee Stories

Dan Fletcher

Hydraulic Fitter // Factory shop floor, Stage 5

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What’s your background?

I worked at Bentley for two years before joining Tiger pretty much from day one in the old factory in 2014. I started in stage 5, piping, wiring and installing hydraulic systems to chassis, and then moved to the production line, completing the systems and weight tests, and getting involved with every other aspect of trailers, from building back frames to bulkheads, and fitting decks and roofs. I now work in the repair bay, managing everything from warranty jobs to full rebuilds such as after a bridge strike.

What do you like about working at Tiger?

The banter and laughs I have with the other employees, which makes it a good place to work and keeps us all going when times can be hard. The availability of overtime is something I like at Tiger too and the pay isn’t bad either!

What do you like doing outside work?

Outside of work I like to spend time with my family, I have a partner, two sons, a step daughter, and my best mate Bullseye (a daft Jack Russell dog). My eldest son is 14, my daughter 7, and my youngest son is 5. As a family we try and get away as much as we can in the caravan, which I prefer over getting on the plane any day. The kids love camping, as each time we go they meet new friends, and they actually play outside rather than sat in their rooms gawping at a screen – kids, eh! My main interest is motorbikes. I own two – a Suzuki GSXR 750 and a Kawasaki ZX10R. I ride my Suzuki on the racetracks all over the UK, which is my favourite place to be, and I use the Kawasaki on the road to ride out to North Wales mostly, where they have the best roads and good fish and chips. When I’m at racetracks in the paddocks, smelling the petrol and hearing the engines rev’ up is heaven to me. I do as many track days as I can. The buzz you get from a motorbike hitting speeds of 150mph+ then braking into a 30mph corner is the best feeling like no other, especially when you make it out the other end of the corner without falling off while dodging the other guy inches away from you. Even when I fell off twice last year I still had a smile on my face, pumped up with adrenaline.

What is your main life achievement?

Being the best dad to my boys as I can, and with a good job at Tiger I can provide a good life for them. I am very grateful for that.

Tell us some interesting or funny facts about yourself!

Bit of a weird one but I can play tunes with my hearing aids, and I can’t pronounce words which start with ‘v’ even after six years of speech therapy. Also, I should be a millionnaire by now but I just can’t seem to match any numbers on the lottery.